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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this all about?

We offer batting cages with automated balling machines. Player purchases token online from their account. These token can be used to face balls that the machine delivers in a session (innings) 

What is a inning ?

Innings is a session - i.e a session of 15 balls. When a player uses a token ( innings) , the machine delivers a set of 15 balls of chosen balling configuration i.e.  The speed, swing, curve ball. 

How do I purchase Innings / Tokens

Innings can be bough online in two modes 1) Pay as you go and 2) membership. Pay-As you -Go : You can purchase a set of 10 innings for $15 . Membership : You can subscribe to a Membership. Each type of membership offers you a specific number of innings free for each day e.g : if you buy a 'Pro' membership , it will provide you 15 Innings free per day ( i..e 15 * 15 = 225 balls/ day) . 

How do I use my Innings ?

Each Balling lane has  tablet that can recognize your account, it can identify if you have innings in your account. if you have innings available. it provides you the option to select the type of ball you want to face. once the balling format is chooses, it activates the machine. The innings will continue till 15 balls are delivered. you can repeat the process again. 

swipe ->play -> repeat

Do i need to buy separate token for Cricket and Baseball ?

No, each time you want to use a token , you can choose the Game . i.e you can either play Cricket or Baseball with your token ( Innings)

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